We warmly welcome you to Levels Unawatuna by Pearl Leisure

We warmly welcome you to luxury next to the sea, Levels Unawatuna by Pearl Leisure. It is with great pleasure we offer to be your host for your stay in Unawatuna and to be at your disposal for anything you desire. 

Please find below useful information concerning your stay with us to make you feel like home. 

Hospitality embodies the caring, kindness, and thoughtfulness a host should show towards their guests. This is why, when staying at Levels Unawatuna, you always got our staff to assist you. We have our reception desk that you can call in case you need anything. Our staff will be more than willing to assist you with your needs. Here at Levels Unawatuna, your comfort and convenience are always our topmost priority. 

And we understand how important it is for you to connect with home, even if you’re at a home away from home. Hence WiFi is available in all of our rooms and access is free of charge; you should only need to request your login details. 

We believe you selected us for our quality as well as for the sea. You can always open your windows and enjoy the salty breeze. In case you need some fresh cool air inside the room, make sure you firmly close both sliding doors and windows and switch on your air conditioner. You can always find the remote inside your room. 

Live in the sunshine, go take a dip in the sea or in the pool. The choice is yours. Kissed by the sun on the beach, you could enjoy our comfy pool beds even more after a dip in the sea back at our hotel. 

Our island is hot and sunny. Hence staying hydrated is important. You can always find two bottles of water inside your rooms. And any amount of water you need is just one call away. Well, not just water. Our mocktails are rich in Sri Lankan fruits and how you prefer it to be. 

Us Sri Lankans understand that food feeds the soul. Hotel kitchen and our staff are well equipped to bring you mouth-watering Sri Lankan style dishes as well as dishes of your desire. 

Traveling made your body go sore? We have the solution for that in our spa blended by the richness of  Sri Lankan hospitality. 

If you went through pictures of the hotel, we’re confident that the rooftop has caught your eyes. Sip one of our signature cocktails while enjoying the view from the rooftop, we guarantee that you will enjoy every bit of it. 

Once again, we sincerely thank you for choosing us to be your home away from home. Have a pleasant stay!

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